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SimHerd Expert is our full scientific model, that can calculate the impact of all the challenges and investments a farmer is faced with. With SimHerd Expert you are guaranteed to give your farmers the best advice, as the model does not just show the effect right now, but also 10 years into the future. In that way you can help the farmer making the best decision in their herd. With our new user-interface it is now easier, faster and more intuitive to use the SimHerd Expert model.   

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How does SimHerd Expert work?

SimHerd Expert is herd specific and simulates the farmers herd in weekly steps over a 10-year period based on key figures from the herd. The key figures are either imported directly from herd management software or manually entered so they reflect the current situation in the herd.  

SimHerd Expert creates value for the farmers in two ways: 

  • Operational: The lowest hanging fruits in the herd are identified. By creating an Animal Health Economics analysis, the calculations show in which area the farmer can create most revenue by making improvements.  
  • Strategic: Calculations can be made to show how strategic changes such as herd expansion, using beef semen or investment such as sand bedding, will affect the milk yield, longevity, and herd profit both short and long term.  

The herd dynamics are simulated by projecting the production of all individual cows and their calves. The cows yield, feed intake and weight are projected each week after calving, and numerous different events can occur during her life e.g., insemination, a disease, calving and so on. All these events in turn influence, milk yield, feed intake and risk of disease.  

 SimHerd Expert simulates among other things the cows: 

  • Milk yield 
  • Feed intake 
  • Reproductive performance 
  • Disease incidence 
  • Longevity 

For example, the program considers, that every third week, there is a chance that the cow comes into heat, is inseminated and perhaps becomes pregnant. Each week the cow also has a risk of becoming ill, being culled, or dyingIn short, all events in the cow’s life are modelled. All thinteractions between events are also simulated in a very large network 

SimHerd Expert makes two separate prognoses of the herd: 

Current situation: 
What does the future production look like, given there are no 
management changes? A prognosis of the current situation. 

What does the future situation look like if there are management changes in the herd? Prognosis of the effects of proposed changes.  

SimHerd Expert as an educational tool 

If you are a teacher or scientist at agricultural college or a university, you can use the SimHerd Expert software as an educational tool. The program enables your students to test hypothesis and gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of a dairy herd. It is also a very powerful tool if you students are working with case herds. SimHerd Expert allows the students to calculate the biological effect, changes in herd dynamics, herd profit and climate impact of suggested improvements or new strategies. We have made a suggested course plan and materials, if you would like to seek more inspiration. 

In Denmark, the majority of agricultural colleges use SimHerd for their students. All veterinary and animal science university students use the program as part of their coursework.  

What is a Animal Health Economics analysis? 

In cooperation with the largest vet practice in Denmark Dyrlæger & Ko and Aarhus University, SimHerd have developed the Animal Heath Economics analysis (AHE). It illustrates the annual increase in herd profit for several different areas of improvement e.g. halving the prevalence of mastitis, reducing the somatic cell count our improving reproduction. It is an important tool as a herd advisor or veterinarian, to illustrate to the farmer the impact of suggested changes. It also helps you to find the areas with the greatest potential for improvement – the lowest hanging fruits in the herd. 

 ”The Animal Health Economic analysis, is the key to good health advisory. It helps find the lowest hanging fruitin the herd, so we can focus our advice”.   

 Camilla Eskerod, Kvægdyrlægerne Djursland ApS. 

Because the AHE shows the potential increase in revenue of different improvements, the report is also a good support if you need to borrow money for the project in the bank. For the bank it can be difficult to see the benefit of the new investments if the increase in profit is not immediately apparent, especially if they do not have knowledge about agriculture. A SimHerd report shows the effect of the investment on the herd profit and can therefore be a good means of persuasion as it is impartial and shows the effect over a 10-year period.

What can SimHerd Expert calculate?  

The software can calculate pretty much anything regarding a dairy herd. Here are some examples:  

  • Investment in sandbedding or new mattresses 
  • How much beef semen should be used on the cows 
  • Effect of reducing mastitis 
  • Herd expansion 
  • Extended lactation
  • And much more 

The program can also be used to calculate the potential reduction in methane emissions of different health improvements and management changes. 
Read more about out how we work with climate impact in SimHerd here. 

Our strong bond to science  

SimHerd Expert has continuously been developed at Aarhus University since 1992. Scientists and students gradually expanded the model year by year with new knowledge and tested scientific hypothesis. In 2010 it was decided that the model no longer only should be used for research purposes, but veterinariansadvisors and the farmers also should have access to the tool. Now, many veterinarians, advisors and others with connection to the dairy farm, use SimHerd in their daily work, both in Denmark and globally. 

The SimHerd model is still continuously updated with the newest research, so it is always up to date and new areas are added such as genetics, crossbreeding and methane emission. Every year the SimHerd team contributes to several research projects. This allows the team to maintain the strong bond to science, but also ensures that new knowledge is continuously implemented in our daily work. This ensures that the calculations are always reliable and impartial. You can read more about the story behind the program in the about us section.  

What does SimHerd Expert cost? 

Access to SimHerd always includes training, tutorials, and support. We are always ready to help you with any questions or problems you might have.  

If you need help to run a simulation or create a scenario in the program, you can always check out our tutorials and video guidesWe are also always ready to answer your questions within regular office hoursContact us and we will answer your question as fast as possible.  

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