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Getting started with SimHerd

This page contains manuals, videoguides and exercises to help you get started with SimHerd. If you do not find the needed information or have any questions – feel free to contact us. If you want to learn more about how the SimHerd Expert model can be used in practice – go to SimHerd Expert.

The basics (English)
Download PDF-manual Excercises Answers SimHerd in theory
Instruktioner (Sweden)

1.Main manual: create a report (kött, sensetime, NTM)

2.Make another report, but with other Nyckeltal (other breed for example)

3.Make the two others report, after you made the first one

4.Why does milk yield (often) drop when using beef semen?

This section contains tutorials and examples that will help guide you through some of the most common calculations. If you have any questions or need help with a scenario not currently on the list contact us and we will help you with your calculations!

  1. The economic impact of switching to sand bedding
  2. Is it profitable with 3 daily milkings?
Kurssimateriaali (Finnish)


A-Z manual for making your Beef, NTM og SenseHub analysis

Videoguide - How to create a herd and make a BEEF report

Videoguide - How to create a herd and make a NTM report

Onderwijs (Holland)