Are you a veterinarian or work with dairy cattle? VetFlex can assist you in your discussions with farmers. VetFlex quantifies health improvements in the herd, using a few selected key figures. The results are visualized clearly and simply for both the user and the customer.

Use VetFlex in the barn or at the office, together with the farmer. It facilitates good discussions and can, with just a few clicks, show the impact of a new strategy or action plan.

Get a customized VetFlex, tailored to your practice or needs, or purchase access to a generic version that can be used immediately.


What is included in the VetFlex?


  • Mastitis
  • Lameness
  • Milk Fever
  • Somatic Cell Count



  • Conception rate
  • Heat detection rate
  • Days after calving
  • Metritis

How does VetFlex work?

VetFlex is a simplified version of the SimHerd Expert model. By using the Flex method, results from the Expert model are regressed into an algorithm that can be used in an app. Each element in the VetFlex app is backed by extensive simulation studies. We’ve done all the hard work for you, and with just a few clicks, you can find the answer in the VetFlex app.

The results are displayed as changes in revenue and expenses, along with the most important key figures: Kg ECM per cow per year, replacement rate, treatments per cow per year, number of sold heifers, and methane emissions per Kg ECM.

We are continuously developing additional parameters, which will be made available to VetFlex users. It is possible to customize what is displayed in the app to fit individual needs and work areas.

Other possible parameters include age at first calving, cow mortality, calf mortality, lactation curves, and cost-benefit of sensor technology.

Who can use VetFlex?

The VetFlex app is primarily targeted at veterinarians but can be adapted and used by anyone involved in advising dairy herds. It is a dialogue tool that can provide answers to current issues and highlight improvement potentials.

No training is required before using the app. The results are presented in a simple and intuitive way, making it easy for the user to communicate and for the recipients to understand. It can be displayed on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, allowing for discussions to take place either in the barn or in the office, depending on where the conversation occurs.


What does VetFlex cost?

The price of VetFlex depends on the number of users who need access and the level of customization required. It is also possible to expand the app with new parameters that are not yet available, but this will involve some development costs.

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✓ Acess for a single user

✓ Acess to a generic VetFlex app


€ 375 (VAT excl.)


✓ Acess for the whole company

✓ Acess to a generic VetFlex app

✓ Own company logo and URL


€ 1500 (VAT excl.)


✓ Acess for the whole company

✓ Acess to a tailormade VetFlex app

✓ Own company logo and URL


€ 2500 (VAT excl.)