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SimHerd A/S

Agro Business Park
Niels Pedersens Alle 2, DK-8830 Tjele

Phone: +45 5142 0212

CVR-nr. 32831036


Consultant and partner

Jehan Ettema, Ph.D.

Jehan is one of the founding members of SimHerd A/S. Jehan primarily works with advisory, education and product development. He has a deep knowledge of the program and Animal health economics. Through many years of teaching and advising Jehan also has a very broad practical knowledge.  

+45 5142 0212



Ruth Davis, M.Sc.

Ruth joined the company in 2019 and comes from a background in genetics and applied animal breeding. Ruth primarily works with advisory, education and communication. She has a broad practical knowledge of dairy farming and applied sceince.

+45 4051 5125



Bodil Højlund Nielsen, DVM, PhD

Bodil joined SimHerd in March 2021 and comes with a background in veterinary epidemiology research and 10 years as a bovine practitioner. Bodil supplements the team with analytical skills and a broad knowledge about bovine health and management. She works with product development, advisory and education. 

+45 2241 5142



Katrine Siersted, M.Sc.

Katrine joined the company in September 2021. She has a background in animal science, but has mainly worked as a strategy and economy advisor for farmers. Katrine supplements our team, since she is able to apply the simulated results from SimHerd where they create most value; in the discussion between the farmer, his/her advisors and financial institutions. 


+45 2870 9338


CEO and partner

Søren Østergaard, Professor

Søren is the CEO and one of the founding members of SimHerd A/S. He is furthermore a professor at Aarhus University, Department of Animal Science. His main research area is animal health economics with focus on dairy cattle herds.


+45 5142 0215