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Søren Østergaard,

CEO and partner

Søren is the CEO and one of the founding members of SimHerd A/S. He is furthermore a professor at Aarhus University, Department of Animal Science. His main research area is animal health economics with focus on dairy cattle herds.
+45 5142 0215

Jehan Ettema,

Consultant and partner

Jehan is one of the founding members of SimHerd A/S. Jehan primarily works with advisory, education and product development. He has a deep knowledge of the program and Animal health economics. Through many years of teaching and advising Jehan also has a very broad practical knowledge.
+45 5142 0212

Ruth Davis,


Ruth joined the company in 2019 and comes from a background in genetics and applied animal breeding. Ruth primarily works with advisory, education and communication. She has a broad practical knowledge of dairy farming and applied sceince.
+45 4051 5125

Bodil Højlund Nielsen,
DVM, Ph.d.


Bodil joined SimHerd in March 2021 and comes with a background in veterinary epidemiology research and 10 years as a bovine practitioner. Bodil supplements the team with analytical skills and a broad knowledge about bovine health and management. She works with product development, advisory and education.
+45 2241 5142

Julie Brastrup Clasen,



Julie joined SimHerd in October 2022 and comes fra a background in applied animal breeding. Julie has done her Ph.D. on crossbreeding at SLU, and continues to work scientfically with crossbreeding at Aarhus university in a Post Doc. position. She has a deep knowledge in crossbreeding and applied animal breeding. In SimHerd Julie will work with product development and education.
+45 6014 4877

Nanna Bull,

Agricultural technician


Nanna joined SimHerd in June, 2023 in shared position with VikingDenmark. She has an education as an agricultural technician, specialised in dairy cattle from Buisness Academy Aarhus . Nanna has broad practical knowledge from both Denmark and abroard. She will primarily work with education, advisory and communication.
+45 4268 4091

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