Frequently asked questions about SimHerd

On this page we will answer some of the questions our customers often ask us. If you do not find the answer to your question, you are always welcome to contact us. 

What does a SimHerd calculation cost?
We have two main products SimHerd Expert and SimHerd FlexFor SimHerd Expert you can either buy a full license for the program or buy a single analysis. See the full overveiw of your options here. SimHerd Flex is tailored to suit each customer, so the prices vary depending on complexity and range of the solution. See the full overveiw of your options here. 

How long does it take to make a calculation? 
Simple calculations in SimHerd Expert take from 10 minutes to an hour depending on data validation and the complexity of the calculation. Calculations in large herds (>1000 cows), can take slightly longer. A full analysis in SimHerd Expert can take 3-4 hours depending on the complexity and number of solutions that are calculated. No matter how long the calculation takes, you are always guaranteed to have a full rapport that shows the farmer the economics and essential key figures from your calculation.  

 SimHerd Flex calculation gives an immediate response, as it is a condensed version of the full SimHerd model, and only calculates a few solutions at a time.  

What can be calculated?
Our model can calculate whatever you need. No matter if you need to quantify the effect of decreasing mastitis or reducing calf mortality or need to optimize the reproduction. One of the advantages of out models, is that they consider the individual cow and the whole herd. In that way, you can see the effect of your recommendations for the whole cow, and the individual.  

How does SimHerd Expert work? 
SimHerd Expert was orignally developed at Aarhus University as a research tool. The connection to Aarhus University is still strong and therefore the model is continuously developen and the neweste research is added. SimHerd Expert helps you calculate the economic benefit of your recommendations in the farmer’s herd. Each cow in the herd is modelled in weekly steps for a 10year period this is repeated 100 times to ensure that the results are reliable. Read more about SimHerd Expert here

How does SimHerd Flex work?
SimHerd Flex is tailormade to your needs. It is a small flexible and dynamic algorithm, that uses the farmers own key figures, to create an answer that fits his farm. It can calculate anything from the effect of health improvements on methane emission to the effect of management changes. You can integrate the algorithm in your own homepage, as an app or in a dashboard. Read mere about SimHerd Flex here: 

I am in doubt about making an anlysisWhat should I do? 
We have made several tutorials and video guides, that illustrate the basic functions of the program. We have also made a catalogue over possible more complex scenarios for your inspiration. If you are still in doubt, or do not find the answer to your problem, you are always welcome to contact us.