Our products

The common denominator for all our products is that they are developed so they can help you help your farmers in the best possible way. With our products you are sure to take good decisions based on credible and impartial results. Our two main products are SimHerd Expert and SimHerd Flex. Which you should choose depends on your needs. In the following you can learn a lot more about your options with SimHerd.  

Our products are full service. If you buy one of our products training, support and guidance is part of the packageWe also always keep our products up to date with the newest research. If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us.  

SimHerd Expert 

SimHerd Expert is our full model, that can calculate all aspects of a dairy herdIt can be used to quantify the effect of different management improvements or investments. The model simulates each cow in the herd over a 10-year period, this is repeated 100 times to ensure reliable results. Associations between milk production, health and reproduction are accounted for in the model, which gives a unique whole herd approach to advisory.  

All calculations are based on the herds own key figures, so the results are unique for each farmer. SimHerd Expert calculates the herd profiby projecting the effect of the proposed changes on both production, herd dynamics and economics.  

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SimHerd Flex 

SimHerd Flex is tailormade to you and your needs. A flex solution is a condensed version of the full model, but faster and easier to use. We program the solution so it can show the economic impact of your product, service, or proposed management changes for a specific farm. A SimHerd Flex algorithm gives an immediate response and can be embedded in your website, in a dashboard or an app can be designed.  

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SimHerd Crossbred

SimHerd Crossbred is the newest extension to the SimHerd universe. SimHerd Crossbred has the same functions as SimHerd Expert – with the addition of breed effects, heterosis, and different crossbreeding strategies.

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Climate impact calculator 

The focus on climate has increased immensely in recent years and demands that the agricultural sector decrease emissions are growing. For our dairy farmers, it is especially methane emissions that are desirable to decrease. Therefore, we now include the impact on methane emission in all out calculations. Over the coming years we will expand the model to not only cover methane emissions, but other important areas regarding climate impact.  

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