Meet our collaboration partners

We work with a range of companies, specialized in dairy cattle. You can read more about them and our cooperation in the following.  

VikingDanmark is not only the majority shareholder of SimHerd they are also one of our most important partners. VikingDanmark is the biggest AI company in Denmark. They deliver the best genetics and breeding plans to the Danish farmers. Their goal is to ultimately improve the farmers profit and ensure that the best genetics are available for all the Danish farmers. Therefore, all the breeding advisors use SimHerd Expert in their advisory both to select the best breeding strategy for every farm and to help the farmers optimize their farms.  

Växa Sweden
Växa Sweden is with more than 6.000 members the largest livestock association in Sweden. They are a modern advisory company, that primarily work with dairy and beef farmers. Their breeding advisors use SimHerd Expert to help optimize the breeding strategin their herds.  

“SimHerd calculates at herd-level based on the herd’s own results. By quantifying strategic decisions, the farm can get help to decide in which area or areas an improvement would have the largest impact”. 

Faba is a Finnish Coop that offers a wide range of services to Finnish livestock farmers. They offer advice on breeding, health and reproduction of cattle, including insemination and embryo transfer. Faba uses SimHerd Expert to quantify their recommendations for their farmers. All breeding advisors at Faba use SimHerd to help find the right breeding strategy for their farms. The vets at Emovet, owned by Faba, also use SimHerd in their advisory.  

HDS Support
HDS support is a large veterinary company in the Netherland, that provides health advisory to their customers. They have a holistic approach, and focus on the whole herd, not just single problem areas. HDS Support use SimHerd to make economic analyses, to help farmers optimize their herd. 

Dyrlæger & Ko 
Dyrlæger & Ko is a large Danish veterinary association, that consists of 27 veterinary practices and around 125 veterinarians specialized in cattle. Together they consult over 50% of the Danish dairy herds. Dyrlæger & Ko use SimHerd Expert to answer the farmers “What if..” questions and to make animal health economics analyses that helps the vet show which improvements would create the largest benefit for their farmers.