Climate impact

Calculate your herds climate impact 

The climate and sustainability have been hot topics in recent years. Especially the agricultural sector has been in the spotlight and strong pressure has been applied to reduce emissions and have a more sustainable productionIt is a jungle to navigate in all the different tools and calculation methods, and it is difficult to identify where and how to start.  

In SimHerd we have tried to make this a bit easier. In all our calculations, there is the biological results, effect on herd profit, but also the effect on methane emission. In this way it is possible to compare different strategies and improvements, to see which decrease methane emissions the most, without compromising on animal welfare or herd profit. 


How does it work? 

In our full SimHerd Expert model the effect on methane emission is automatically included in all reports and calculations. No additional effort is therefore needed to obtain these results. Our SimHerd Flex models are tailored to your needs, so it is up to you, if you find it relevant to include climate impact in your calculations.  

The Finnish dairy Valio were the first to integrate SimHerd Flex in their online farmer dashboard. SimHerd developed a dashboard, where the farmers can see the effect of different improvements on their profit and also on methane emission. Check out a demo-version of their SimHerd flex solution here. 

“We expect that farmers will use this tool to evaluate the economic  and environmental potential of improving herd health management of their own herd”

Kristiina Sarjokari, Herd health veterinarian from Valio Ltd. 


Try our demo-version of the Valio climate calculator.

Watch video about SimHerd Climate