SimHerd – Flex

SimHerd Flex 
Is easier and faster to used compared to SimHerd Expert. It only calculates the chosen scenarios that suit your solution. In this way it is easy for you to illustrate the economic value of your product, service or herd advice. A few herd specific key figures are entered, so all results are applicable for the farmer. The SimHerd Flex solution is essentially a tailormade algorithm that can be embedded in an app, a dashboard or in your existing platform.  

How does SimHerd Flex work? 

SimHerd Flex is a condensed version of the full SimHerd Expert model. It is essentially an algorithm tailormade to you and your needs. The algorithm is created by running over 1000 simulations in the full model, that are condensed into an algorithm. In this way the knowledge and power of the full model are utilized, whilst creating an algorithm that is faster and easier to use. For a full explanation of the theory behind SimHerd Flex, watch our video. 

We customize the program to your needs. Some examples could be:  

 Cost benefit analysis of a vaccine or sensor 

  • Effect of health improvements 
  • Reduction of calf mortality 
  • Optimal use of sexed and beef semen 
  • Reduction of methane emissions 
  • And much more….. 

 In short, SimHerd Flex can be used to calculate exactly the same solutions as the full model. You choose which variables should be calculated and what input should be entered. Because it is based on the full model you are sure to get reliable and impartial results based in science – every time you use the program. 

Who can use SimHerd Flex? 

SimHerd Flex is primarily a B2B product. It can help you and your company show the economical value of investing in your product or be used to support you advisory and facilitate important discussions. A few essential key figures ensure that all calculations are herd specific. Because SimHerd Flex is an algorithm, it is easy to integrate in an app, a dashboard or in your platform. In that way you can make the calculations on farm, with the farmer, or the farmer can use the calculator himself through your platform. 

 The Finnish dairy Valio were the first to integrate SimHerd Flex in their online farmer dashboard. SimHerd developed a dashboard, were the farmers can see the effect of different improvements, on their profit but also on methane emission.  The dashboard can calculate the effect of improved udder health, claw health, reproduction, calf survival and the use of beef semen.. 

“We expect that farmers will use this tool to evaluate the economic and environmental potential of improving herd health management of their own herd 

Kristiina Sarjokari, Herd health veterinarian from Valio Ltd. 

Try one of our SimHerd Flex solutions

Press here to use our Heifer calculator, and calculate your minimum sales price.

We have also made a climate calculator -. if you are curios which management changes give the biggest impact, try it here. 

For an example of a simple cost-benefit, check out our MSD Calculator here

What is the price? 

The price for SimHerd Flex depends on the solution you choose 

Prices – SimHerd Flex

Here is an overveiw of the prices and possibilities with SimHerd Flex

Cost-Benefit analysis

– An app can be developed
–  Embedded in existing platform

Calculates the cost and benefit of
your product or service
for the individual farmer

Technical specifications:
The SimHerd Flex algorithm is either exchanged through an API or
directly through an app.


(Dependent on the number of variables and distribution countries) 

Data enhancement

–  Embedded in an existing platform


Enhances existing data e.g., prognosis
or economics of key figures 

Technical specifications:

The SimHerd Flex algorithm is
exchanged through an API


€0.10-0.20 per cow in the database
(Dependent on the number of variables and distribution countries) s

Advisory tool

– An app can be developed
– Dashboard integration

A tailormade dashboard made to
support your area of advisory
is developed

Technical specifications:

A Power BI dashboard is created


(Dependent of the complexity
and range)