SimHerd CrossFlex

SimHerd Crossbred has been condensed into a more accessible app version – CrossFlex, using the Flex method. It is now available in a demo version, where the consequences of different crossbreeding strategies are displayed using a few key figures. This provides a quick overview of how it could look in the herd. If a more in-depth calculation is desired, it can be done using the full SimHerd Crossbred model.
Go to the demo CrossFlex-app


Note: The app is still in the test version!

Is there anything missing or that could be improved?
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Interested in a customized calculation based on all the herd’s key figures?

The app is, of course, not as accurate as when we calculate using the full model. If the farmer is interested in a tailored calculation, we can do it in our SimHerd Crossbred model. Here, we can calculate a custom crossbreeding strategy, including everything we can calculate in the “regular” SimHerd.

Price: 995 DKK/hour (excluding VAT) for the analysis. It typically takes 3-5 hours. If a SimHerd consultant is needed for an advisory visit, it costs an additional 995 DKK/hour + mileage (3.73 DKK/km).

Contact Julie at