SimHerd wins Gazelle prize!

SimHerd A/S was among the 2871 Gazelle companies in 2023. A gazelle is a company that has had positive growth every year over four financial years and has at least doubled its turnover over the four years.

We were very surprised when we received an email in our inbox telling us that we had become a Gazelle company. At first, we thought it was a spam email, but it turned out to be true. Our small company has also been on a journey over the past 5 years. From being a one-man operation to now counting 3 full-time employees and 4 part-time employees. We have brought on board a lot of tough ladies, both tough at crunching numbers and getting things done. This has meant that we have continued to maintain a positive balance, despite significant investments in things like a brand new user interface.

We were incredibly proud to receive the award and the recognition of all our hard work. It has also lit a fire under us, and we are going all out to become a Gazelle company in 2024 as well.