Simherd Flex: X-zelit

SimHerd-Flex application quantifying the economic impact of using X-Zelit

The SimHerd-Flex application that is developed for X-Zelit, is a mini-version of the full SimHerd expert model. In contrast to the full SimHerd model that can basically simulate ANY scenario in a specific herd, this mini-version is only able to estimate the economic impact of one strategy, which is the strategy of using X-Zelit as a pre-fresh treatment.

The technical term of this mini-version, is a Response Surface Model (RSM). An RSM describes the behavior of the full SimHerd model as good as possible, while easier and faster to use. Making an RSM is an acknowledged discipline in the field of simulation modeling. For more info, please read the related article on wikipedia


Try out the SimHerd-Flex application on Vilofoss’ homepage.

A detailed description of the method used to develop this specific SimHerd-Flex application, can be found in this document

Watch our short video and hear about the experience of using the X-zelit calculator from a farmer, a salesperson and Vilofoss.